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Make Poverty History - Street Children of Kolkata

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Caricato da in data 14/lug/2006

A young girl settles down for the night to sleep alone rough on the streets of Kolkata, India.

Song: Dido - My Life


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  • oh my god please help this kid ...... if i was there i will take her to my house :(

  • If all the corruption money from India stored by Indian Politicians and other elites kept in swiss bank and elsewhere in the world is so so huge... That if that money is divided between Indians (that's 1.2+Billion people) every Indian will receive 2000 Indian Rupees per month for the next 60 years. This is true. If people rise against corruption it's highly unlikely that you'd see such kids in streets.

  • But for the grace of God go I.

  • I made a film back in 1995 about child 'rag pickers' in Delhi and the efforts of some wonderful people to provide them with education on the streets. Good to see you are keeping up the good work. India's 'economic boom' is worthless if it fails these children.

  • this is nothing. india is warm at nightime all year round. i was homeless in paris for 4 years and got ass raped by gay french men 487 times.

  • life, life and life

  • nobody have right to call anybody shit no matter wht it our staus how rich we are we are all same human beang ad have same rights to peacemate one world one love........

  • tht really sad mate it makes me cry huh thers so many jkids like her world wide spenid evry night plese all G8 leaders open ur eyes and do somthing about it........ we shul unite to and donate money to make world be a better place God bless them

  • tht in india mate yes right it really hertbreaking huh it so mny kids like her suffering evry day world wide we shuld do somthing about ity to change ther lifes for better God bless them

  • i dotn see anyhting wrong with this

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